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No. 1 People Framework
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Join the revolution of hiring and performance management with a transparent, data-driven approach.
Improved quality of hires
Increased retention
Faster hiring process
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We help you to...

  • Improve Quality of Hires over 100%

  • 2x employee retention and ELV

  • Speed up your hiring process up to 3x

  • Identify hidden gems and settle only for the best fit for your team!

  • Prevent unwanted turnover!

  • Stop wasting your team's precious time!

Gain critical insights into your organization

Make your data work for you

Find the best fit

Whether in regards to hiring or promotions, our data-driven tools will help you identify the best fit for each position.

  • Remove bias and hasty decisions

  • Streamline communication between decision makers

  • All of your scorecards in one place

Transparent career ladders

Our career ladders foster an environment where employees are fairly evaluated and able to take charge of their career growth.

  • Clearly define and model your career ladders

  • Bring transparency into performance management and career growth

  • One place for all of your career-related data

Key features

Data-driven decision making

Our framework will help your team to collaboratively compare and evaluate your data without inconsistency or bias

Hiring module

Harness the power of your scorecards like never before with proper prioritization of competencies

Career module

Clearly define career paths for your employees and allow them to take charge of their career development


Seamlessly integrate with your favorite ATS and/or HRIS system - we also offer custom integrations

Better candidate experience

Based on our method you will be able to greatly improve candidate experience and internal/external feedback

Advanced analytics

With our custom reports and analytics, you will be able to gain critical insights into your organization

AI Assistant

Our AI assistant is there to help you in those times when you need a little inspiration

Safe EU cloud

Your data will reside safely and securely in the most regulated cloud-based environment

GDPR compliant

Our solution exceeds GDPR requirements and your data is always kept safe and secure

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Stop wasting time with scattered docs and spreadsheets and start using a people framework designed for the future
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